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You keep blaming me for not posting but when we started this blog I understood it was an equal partnership of blogging. I’m not intrested in blogging everyday without you!

So I waited all of this time just to hear about video games? I could go to 100 boring nerd sites to read about that. honestly I didn’t even have the attention span to read the whole thing.

I don’t mean to be a nagging bitch but siiiiigh


Top 3 PC Games

While I have a valid excuse for being absent this entire week (family business), I am very disappointed in my colleague and her lack of posts. I have thought up of a new topic to discuss, perhaps this might turn into a regular thing, just like Letterman’s Top Ten that he does every weeknight. I finished Call of Duty 4 for the PC a few weeks ago and it is easily in the top 3 for my favorite PC games. Right now, I currently have it listed as,

1) Wolfenstein 3D
2) Call of Duty 4
3) Command & Conquer

Wolfenstein 3D

This is one of the first video games that I have ever played. It revolutionized the first person shooter genre and made me hooked on games ever since. You play Allied prisoner of war William “B.J.” Blazkowicz during World War II and have to escape the Nazi stronghold that is castle Wolfenstein. Not only do you get to eat dog food for health, battle a dual butcher knife wielding cook, at the very end, you face off with Mecha Hitler himself!

Call of Duty 4

I had to bump off another game off my list in order to make room for this reigning game of the year. More on this later and back to the latest incarnation of the Call of Duty series. Unlike its predecessors, which all take place during the ever popular Word War II era, this one is in the modern age. Although the single player missions are pretty short, took me around 10 hours to complete, the storyline and graphics are amazing. You play as either a S.A.S (British) soldier or a U.S. Marine who has to stop two renegade rebel leaders, in the Middle East and in Russia. The missions pull you in and the action keeps you on your toes. I especially playing the flashback when you are a sniper and the ending is top notch. If that wasn’t everything, the multiplayer online is bar none. It’s easy to quickly find a random server, equip your gear and frag some people. It would be hard to knock this newcomer off the list.

Command & Conquer
No offense to Blizzard and Starcraft but Westwood were the first ones to start the whole Real Time Strategy (RTS) craze. I couldn’t decide on which installment to choose so instead of making a hard decision, I just went with the entire series. While the graphics and minimum requirements have been increasing with each sequel, I am most fond of the originals, C&C and Red Alert. The entire premise for the game is breath taking, the classic good verus evil situation, GDI against NOD, James Earl Jones pitted against Kane. That brings me to the live action cut scenes. These games were one of the few that used real actors to depict what was happening in the virtual game and I loved every minute of it. The voice acting was right on and each character made you want to love them. I heard a new expansion is coming out for C&C 3, which reminds me that I should get it as soon as I can.

Notable Mention
Wing Commander

The greatest flight sim of all time. I remember that I used to have a huge box that contained like Wing Commander I, II and III. This must have been at least a decade ago, I feel old already. I would hook up my crappy joystick to my 66 mHz computer which had a Turbo button. If that button wasn’t on, it would only run at 33 mHz, a concept so bizzare, it still gives me a chuckle to this day. In the game you played as a rookie pilot in the Federation, far into the future, fighting against an alien race called the Kilrathi who are hell bent on your race’s extinction. First it was pixelated photon cannons and after each new game arrived and technology kept getting better, it would ultimately end with live action cut scenes and up to date graphics for that time.

Video game memories.. brings a tear to my eye. There you have it, my top 3 PC games. Maybe I’ll work on other systems. Until next time, keep safe and keep checking this site.

The fault is all mine

I apologize for the serious lack of updates and I appreciate Amanda keeping the ship afloat during my absence. I have a valid reason for my disappearance. My mother has flown in from New York to visit me for the week so I have been unable to find the time to post anything of substance. I have a few things cooking up in this brain of mine so I hope to post something good by this weekend. Patience is a virtue, I just hope that I don’t delay so long that you guys run out of it.

Elements of craptastic reality shows

Well I admit that I have watched a lot of crappy reality shows but there are some that are beyond any sense of reality and seem to repeat the exact same behavior episode after episode and season to season. It seems like it would be really easy to create a craptastic reality show. Lets make a list of important elements!

  1. A group of incredibly self-centered young people who must posses the following qualities: alcohol dependencies, anger issues, some sort of really sad life that would lead them to state that “this was the greatest opportunity of their lives”, A tendency to abuse the English language, and the need to clap and scream whenever something happens.
  2. There must be at least one controversy on whether one of the reality craptestents “really wants to be there for the right reasons”.
  3. Half assed editing where the craptestents sentenced are obviously cut off or pasted together. Since reality shows are so cheap to produce one would think that they could spend a few bucks to create decent editing.
  4. Dramatic scenes of one of the craptestents being taken away in an ambulance for some minor injury or illness.
  5. Fancy shots of the filming location that are usually more interesting then the fake drama on the show.
  6. At least one contest of a questionable sex.

P.S.  Tyra you are NOT as respectable as Oprah so KNOCK IT OFF.

A list of random thoughts

  1.  Honey mustard is an excellent condiment
  2.  Body builders are not attractive.
  3. People who scuff their feet are REALLY annoying.
  4. Melty cheese is amazing.
  5. Bad parents are terrible
  6. Germen food and beer are quite tasty
  7. Spring time is nice
  8. Talking with food in ones mouth is soo rude
  9. Robots are good dancers
  10. People should be more aware of their BO.
  11. Tacos are a great form of food.
  12. Friends are hard to make
  13. The world needs to be more ethical.
  14. BBQ is delicious
  15. Cold juice is refreshing.
  16. People shouldn’t curse so often.
  17. Snuggling is nice.
  18. My hair is too frizzy.
  19. I need a job.
  20. Danny is a crazy cabbage head.

The best and worst of times

Today started off pretty normal. It took me three tries to eventually pry myself away from my bed and get ready for another exciting day at the office. I had to struggle through the morning traffic until I finally made it into the confines of my tiny cubicle. As most people with office jobs will attest to, work can become a grind, as you mindlessly push paper day in and day out. The only time for salvation comes when the clock strikes noon… lunch time.

I had made up my mind on where to go eat a hour earlier, Hawaiian BBQ. The thought of savory, juicy beef teriyaki just made mouth water with anticipation. A short drive and walk later, I was sitting down before a big bowl of one of my favorite foods. I have to mention that I loved this particular restaurant and since I came here at least once a week, most of the wait staff knew my name. You know that you’ve made it when you become one of the regulars at a restaurant. Anyways, back on track, I simply devoured the meal and was just cleaning up getting ready to go when something ruined the absolute calm, relaxing feeling that I was enjoying that one gets after a fine course. As I stood up from my seat, the speakers, which usually played some soft rock music, blared the most awful song ever. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I just got rickrolled.

If you don’t know what that means, it’s for the better. What began as a simple meme has erupted into an internet phenomenon. I just hope this day doesn’t go downhill from here, if that’s even possible after this.

The Ungenuine gum offer

A lot of strange things come to me in dreams.  Last night Danny was in my dream helping me on the computer (I have never even met him in real life).  The night before I dreamed that I was in some sort of after-school teen sit-com searching for clothes designed by the author of the CandyBlog.

When I woke up this morning I was thinking about being offered gum from people. I began thinking about people offering gum to me in an ungenuine fashion and whether taking the gum was a good idea or not.  Later in the morning when the thought crossed my mind again I thought it was a pretty idiotic line of thought, but Danny encouraged me to blog about it anyway.

Generally I feel kinda bad for taking people up on a gum offer.  Gum packs only come with a limited number of pieces and I feel like I am taking their “special treat” away from there.  But sometimes a gum offer is a sort of bonding between two people who may otherwise not have any bonding opportunities.

I’m sure this has happened to all of us at some point..someone offers you gum in an ungenuine fashion.  Frequently if gum is offered to someone in a group the gum offerer will find it important to offer it to all of the people in the circle.  The offer will frequently seem ungenuine if the original offeree is a closer friend to the offerer then then others in the group.  The offer is sometimes given with a “your not really going to take any are you?” tone or while the offerer is putting the gum back in his or her pocket.

So the question is in what circumstances do you take that piece of gum?  Only if you have eaten a lot of feta, onions, and garlic for lunch?  If you really want to spite the offerer?  If your just curious about the new flavor(which it always seems as if there are tons of them coming out all the time) of gum being offered?

Leave your thoughts.  Thank you!