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The Ungenuine gum offer

A lot of strange things come to me in dreams.  Last night Danny was in my dream helping me on the computer (I have never even met him in real life).  The night before I dreamed that I was in some sort of after-school teen sit-com searching for clothes designed by the author of the CandyBlog.

When I woke up this morning I was thinking about being offered gum from people. I began thinking about people offering gum to me in an ungenuine fashion and whether taking the gum was a good idea or not.  Later in the morning when the thought crossed my mind again I thought it was a pretty idiotic line of thought, but Danny encouraged me to blog about it anyway.

Generally I feel kinda bad for taking people up on a gum offer.  Gum packs only come with a limited number of pieces and I feel like I am taking their “special treat” away from there.  But sometimes a gum offer is a sort of bonding between two people who may otherwise not have any bonding opportunities.

I’m sure this has happened to all of us at some point..someone offers you gum in an ungenuine fashion.  Frequently if gum is offered to someone in a group the gum offerer will find it important to offer it to all of the people in the circle.  The offer will frequently seem ungenuine if the original offeree is a closer friend to the offerer then then others in the group.  The offer is sometimes given with a “your not really going to take any are you?” tone or while the offerer is putting the gum back in his or her pocket.

So the question is in what circumstances do you take that piece of gum?  Only if you have eaten a lot of feta, onions, and garlic for lunch?  If you really want to spite the offerer?  If your just curious about the new flavor(which it always seems as if there are tons of them coming out all the time) of gum being offered?

Leave your thoughts.  Thank you!


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