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The Fox and the Street Sweeper

Sounds like the title of a new Disney movie doesn’t it? Early this afternoon I was sitting in bed and I heard the wonderful sounds of the street sweeper coming up my street! Now to some of you it may be a common occurence to watch a street sweeper but in my neck of the woods the town seems to only have one that travels all the roads in town once a year to clean up all the gravely mess that the salting trucks leave behind during the winter. I hopped out of bed and watched the street sweeper circle around the dead-end several times! I took a picture:

I always kinda wanted to drive a street sweeper once.  Or an ice cream truck I think it would be really exciting somehow!
I also opened another package of Model Magic and built a fox!


Rant of the week: Red means go

Traffic, this single word can make normal people red-faced with anger and filled with rage. I have lived in the worst cities for bumper to bumper traffic. Raised just outside New York City, which is world famous for bad drivers and the constant sea of yellow taxi cabs always in a rush to get somewhere. I went to school in downtown Atlanta, which was a bit better because the highways were at least 5 lanes across each way which helped lessen the congestion. But then, after spending 4 years there for school, I moved to sunny California. The traffic here is comparable to New York, cars move at a snail’s pace during rush hour.

However, this isn’t what bothers me. I don’t mind sitting in my air conditioned automobile, sitting to the radio while basically trapped in the world’s biggest parking lot. No, in fact, it has to deal with people who don’t know how or when to brake. The way I drive is very similar to my personality, very casual and laid-back. I rarely speed or red line the RPM gauge. I tend to be very aware of my surroundings, so I know when speed up, slow down or just cruise.

So when I’m drifting along at my own merry pace, I expect other drivers to chug along with the same mindset. However, all too often, I have to prematurely step on my brakes when the immediate car in front of me starts slowing down for no apparent reason. There’s no red light ahead, there’s no traffic or slow down, there’s no cop car hiding in the bushes, there’s no wild jay walker running across the middle of the street, just wide open asphalt. Some people abuse the brakes, tapping it several times without reason. Whenever I see the red lights flash up and I peer ahead to see what the commotion ahead is all about and see nothing, sometimes it just drives me up the wall. They force me to apply the brakes and slow down, ruining the perfectly content mood that I was in. Maybe I’m the crazy one here, maybe this is a stupid reason for getting upset but all people have pet peeves and this just happens to be one of mine.

Going a little bit more crazy everyday, see you next time.

Arts & Crafts

I never knew that Amanda was so creative. I could never take a ball of clay and make it into something so nice. Therefore, to prove to others that she’s not the only one with talent around here, I would have to start a project of my own. Back when I was in elementary school, one of my hobbies was model building. I had an aircraft carrier, a fighter jet, and a helicopter that I had made. For some reason or another, I grew out of that and moved on to other things like baseball and such.

Last year, I passed by a hobby store near my house. On a whim, I decided to check it out. I don’t think many people know this, but I am a military history buff, especially World War II. So I found a tank from that era, bought some glue and made my mind to built it that week. However, because I’m a procrastinator, I had tucked it away in a cabinet and completely forgotten about it until now. So without further ado, I present to you the first part of my tank project. Don’t worry, I will post more pictures as the model progresses. I apologize for the bad quality and lighting, my camera is a cheap piece of junk that I need to replace soon.

This is the box that I had just unsealed of a German Tiger tank from World War II.

Here are the contents when I take the top off.

I have laid out all the pieces including the instructions.

Redecorating my trash can!

I had the daisy chain ribbon to redecorate my trash can for at least 10 years and I FINALLY just did it! It was a lot easier then I expected and I think it looks really cute! It is just wrapped in a piece of blue felt and i glued the daises on!


All of the clay critters!

I just finished all of the clay critters I made. I only have a tiny bit of Model Magic left so I’ll have to buy more if I want to make any more critters!

model magic critters

So here they are! You are the first to see the collection. From left to right here is koala, hedgehog, alligator, elephant, octopus, turtle, bananapup, pink hippo, and beaver!

Another angle.

My little clay creations!

As I mentioned in the post before this I bought some Crayola Model Magic clay at Michaels. I created these little critters with the clay

model magic critters

On the left is a pink hippo of course and on the right is a bananapup! I painted them with watercolors. The picture is pretty blurry. My camera didn’t seem interested in focusing on them. You are probably wondering what a bananapup is. I based my bananapup off of a stuffed animals that I bought from Dole after I found his on a picture on my banana sticker. Here is a picture of my bananapup.


I just made several more clay creatures and I will post pictures of them when I am done. My boyfriend wants to be take pictures of my little clay critters and make it look like they are in jungle scenes. He is a MUCH better photographer then I am!

–On a totally unrelated note this afternoon I went to lunch at Wegmans with my family and as we were turning into the parking lot we saw fire trucks speeding into the parking lot. We noticed a big cloud of smoke coming from the parking lot. Apparently someones car caught on fire! It was kinda neat to see all the commotion going on.

Craft time!

Well to keep myself from insanity I took a journey to the local Michaels to get some crafty things. I wondered around the store looking at many things that seemed entirely uninspiring or way overpriced. I bought a set of new acrylic paints and a set of watercolors that seemed to be a good price in hopes that I would be inspired to create a painting. I have several paintings around the house that I made. Maybe I’ll show you some day! I also bought shrinky dink paper, a package of white model magic clay, and two wood craft kits to make a triplane and a sailboat. The wood craft kits were only a dollar each! I already created the triplane:


I have been reading a lot of craft blogs and I was inspired to make MAGICAL RAINBOW MELTY CRAYONS! I used some of my scrap crayons to and melted them together in the toaster oven in foil lined ramekins to make these lovely giant crayons. The one at the top i made with whole-ish crayons so that I can easily make rainbows everywhere! Hooray!

rainbow crayons!