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The Price is Right!

Any sane human being enjoys watching The Price is Right.  There is something about the energy on that show that can not be duplicated by anything else.  I often find myself cheering and frowning for people when they win or lose.  It is so nice to see all of the audience cheering and trying to help all of the contestants win their individual pricing games.  I don’t consistently watch the show but I frequently find myself watching it when I am around during its airing time.  It is very exciting to see people win through strategy by doing things like bidding “1 dollar”, but it is always dissapointing to see the college students beat out the little old lady in her handmade Price is Right t-shirt or the crazy fat lady who practically fell down the aisle as she was called down to compete.  I would love someday to be able to spin the big wheel and make shout-outs into the skinny microphone.

It was very sad to see Bob Barker leave the show but I firmly support Drew Carey taking over.  Carey still is a little shaky at the job occasionally when he accidentally knocks price signs to the ground or adds numbers up incorrectly but I have faith that in a year or so Carey will have really perfected the art of hosting the timelessly fantastic game show.

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but Carey seems to call the “Price is Right beauties” by their names all the time.  He especially seems to mention “the lovely Brandy” it seems a little odd to me.


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