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The best and worst of times

Today started off pretty normal. It took me three tries to eventually pry myself away from my bed and get ready for another exciting day at the office. I had to struggle through the morning traffic until I finally made it into the confines of my tiny cubicle. As most people with office jobs will attest to, work can become a grind, as you mindlessly push paper day in and day out. The only time for salvation comes when the clock strikes noon… lunch time.

I had made up my mind on where to go eat a hour earlier, Hawaiian BBQ. The thought of savory, juicy beef teriyaki just made mouth water with anticipation. A short drive and walk later, I was sitting down before a big bowl of one of my favorite foods. I have to mention that I loved this particular restaurant and since I came here at least once a week, most of the wait staff knew my name. You know that you’ve made it when you become one of the regulars at a restaurant. Anyways, back on track, I simply devoured the meal and was just cleaning up getting ready to go when something ruined the absolute calm, relaxing feeling that I was enjoying that one gets after a fine course. As I stood up from my seat, the speakers, which usually played some soft rock music, blared the most awful song ever. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I just got rickrolled.

If you don’t know what that means, it’s for the better. What began as a simple meme has erupted into an internet phenomenon. I just hope this day doesn’t go downhill from here, if that’s even possible after this.


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