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Elements of craptastic reality shows

Well I admit that I have watched a lot of crappy reality shows but there are some that are beyond any sense of reality and seem to repeat the exact same behavior episode after episode and season to season. It seems like it would be really easy to create a craptastic reality show. Lets make a list of important elements!

  1. A group of incredibly self-centered young people who must posses the following qualities: alcohol dependencies, anger issues, some sort of really sad life that would lead them to state that “this was the greatest opportunity of their lives”, A tendency to abuse the English language, and the need to clap and scream whenever something happens.
  2. There must be at least one controversy on whether one of the reality craptestents “really wants to be there for the right reasons”.
  3. Half assed editing where the craptestents sentenced are obviously cut off or pasted together. Since reality shows are so cheap to produce one would think that they could spend a few bucks to create decent editing.
  4. Dramatic scenes of one of the craptestents being taken away in an ambulance for some minor injury or illness.
  5. Fancy shots of the filming location that are usually more interesting then the fake drama on the show.
  6. At least one contest of a questionable sex.

P.S.  Tyra you are NOT as respectable as Oprah so KNOCK IT OFF.


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