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A list of random thoughts

  1.  Honey mustard is an excellent condiment
  2.  Body builders are not attractive.
  3. People who scuff their feet are REALLY annoying.
  4. Melty cheese is amazing.
  5. Bad parents are terrible
  6. Germen food and beer are quite tasty
  7. Spring time is nice
  8. Talking with food in ones mouth is soo rude
  9. Robots are good dancers
  10. People should be more aware of their BO.
  11. Tacos are a great form of food.
  12. Friends are hard to make
  13. The world needs to be more ethical.
  14. BBQ is delicious
  15. Cold juice is refreshing.
  16. People shouldn’t curse so often.
  17. Snuggling is nice.
  18. My hair is too frizzy.
  19. I need a job.
  20. Danny is a crazy cabbage head.

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