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I am a Sandy Candy Winner!!

A couple weeks ago I was THRILLED with the news that I was a winner of Sandy Candy! After I had been anxiously awaiting the candy’s arrival it finally arrived on Wednesday which was also the last day before I was moving out of my house in NJ to my house in DE!

sandy candy

Sandy Candy is a new candy invention which is based off the concept of creating sand art (pouring different colored sand in layers into a bottle) but luckily Sandy Candy tastes a lot better then eating sand. Candy Addict just did an interview with the inventor of Sandy Candy, David Klein, who is also the inventor of Jelly Belly! Apparently Sandy Candy was invented by his young daughter Roxy. You can read his blog here, Candy Inventor.

I found this contest at Candy Addict which required me to write a poem about Sandy Candy. Here is the poem that I wrote (I spent about three minutes writing the thing and I don’t concider myself any sort of a poetic person).

Is it candy or is it art?
A question that is asked
Its not often they are combined
But sandy candy is divine!

So many colors
And so many flavors
This is a treat I’d love to try!
I hope at least before I die!

So I’ll make a rainbow
Captured in a tube
Perfect for sharing
For your friends who are caring!

I was afraid to try my Sandy Candy for several days because I was concerned I would try the flavors and immediately feel nauseous from a sugar overload. I also really wanted to be able to share them with people but I do not know a lot of people my age who enjoy shoving pure flavored sugar down their throats. Plus I have been pretty darn busy moving.

This evening I was brave enough to try my Sandy Candy and I am thrilled with the flavors. My pack came with twenty flavors/colors bottles and 50 clear plastic tubes for making Sandy Candy creations in. and for the most part they are very distinct and tasty! The flavors included are Lemon Lime, Wildberry,Fruit Punch, Watermelon, Sweet Lemonade, Cherry Crème, Green Apple, Tangerine, Orange Crème, Wild Cherry, Root Beer, Cotton Candy, Strawberry, Tart Apple, Bubble Gum, Grape, Blue Raspberry and Black Cherry. My favorite flavors are probably wild berry, tar apple, blue raspberry, and grape. I really love that the flavors are strong and many of them are tart so its a much better experience then pouring sugar packets into your mouth. I wish that there were not flavors that repeat themselves like green apple and tangerine or sweet lemonade and lemonade. But I am impressed with 20 different flavors (there are even MORE flavors available then that!)
This product would be perfect for fundraisers, birthday parties, and as a carnival booth. I wouldn’t recommend the pack of 50 to people over 20 who do not have very many friends =P.