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An Adventure to Great Adventure!

Yesterday my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure! We had a lot of fun together riding the coasters and felt nostalgic riding the merry-go-round.


The only thing that I found pretty disappointing was the new roller coaster “The Dark Knight” that happened to be celebrating its grand opening yesterday. The line was quite long and we had no idea what it actually was other then it was a coaster since it was all indoors. We waited in the long line which was semi-entertaining once we got into the building (which was WAY too air conditioned) since they showed a video clip that told the story which was supposed to explain how we were escaping Gothem City or some business. There was also a video screen which showed the faces of the people waiting in line and would put digital joker masks over peoples faces when you looked straight into the camera. Anyway, after standing in line forever we got onto the ride not knowing what it was going to be like and as soon as the the car entered the dark coaster room I was pissed! This was not some AWESOME UNIQUE NEW COASTER it was that same annoying whip-lash coaster that can be seen at many other amusement parks and boardwalks that I know as the Crazy Mouse ride. The best roller coasters of the day were Nitro and Superman.

We made a stop at one of the candy shops and I purchased a whole bunch of delicious candy!

Trolli Sour Bombers- These are quite tasty. They are slightly firmer to Welch’s Cherry Fruit snack but a very similar taste and shape. They have a sour liquid cherry burst that gives them a nice sour cherry burst.

Twizzlers Rainbow Twists- I am currently snacking on these but I am not thrilled by them. I have read a couple reviews of them on candy blogs (which I read all the time) and I knew that they did not get great reviews but I wanted to try them for myself since I love the pretty colors. They are not as sweet and fruity as regular Twizzlers are and the flavors are very artificial tasting.

Sour Punch Straws Blue Razamatazz (4.5oz package) and Chargin Cherry (2 .90z straws) – Sour Punch Straws are probably my favorite candy ever but they are kind of hard to find. They have the perfect combination of chewiness (but not too chewy like Sour Patch Kids tend to be), fruitiness, and sour kick. I have never had the blue razamatazz flavor before and it has a little too much blue berry flavor for my taste but they are still yummy. The chargin cherry is always a tasty treat with lots of flavorful cherry taste.

Anyway we had a great day at Six Flags thanks to my boyfriend for taking me!


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