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Rant of the week: Red means go

Traffic, this single word can make normal people red-faced with anger and filled with rage. I have lived in the worst cities for bumper to bumper traffic. Raised just outside New York City, which is world famous for bad drivers and the constant sea of yellow taxi cabs always in a rush to get somewhere. I went to school in downtown Atlanta, which was a bit better because the highways were at least 5 lanes across each way which helped lessen the congestion. But then, after spending 4 years there for school, I moved to sunny California. The traffic here is comparable to New York, cars move at a snail’s pace during rush hour.

However, this isn’t what bothers me. I don’t mind sitting in my air conditioned automobile, sitting to the radio while basically trapped in the world’s biggest parking lot. No, in fact, it has to deal with people who don’t know how or when to brake. The way I drive is very similar to my personality, very casual and laid-back. I rarely speed or red line the RPM gauge. I tend to be very aware of my surroundings, so I know when speed up, slow down or just cruise.

So when I’m drifting along at my own merry pace, I expect other drivers to chug along with the same mindset. However, all too often, I have to prematurely step on my brakes when the immediate car in front of me starts slowing down for no apparent reason. There’s no red light ahead, there’s no traffic or slow down, there’s no cop car hiding in the bushes, there’s no wild jay walker running across the middle of the street, just wide open asphalt. Some people abuse the brakes, tapping it several times without reason. Whenever I see the red lights flash up and I peer ahead to see what the commotion ahead is all about and see nothing, sometimes it just drives me up the wall. They force me to apply the brakes and slow down, ruining the perfectly content mood that I was in. Maybe I’m the crazy one here, maybe this is a stupid reason for getting upset but all people have pet peeves and this just happens to be one of mine.

Going a little bit more crazy everyday, see you next time.


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