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My little clay creations!

As I mentioned in the post before this I bought some Crayola Model Magic clay at Michaels. I created these little critters with the clay

model magic critters

On the left is a pink hippo of course and on the right is a bananapup! I painted them with watercolors. The picture is pretty blurry. My camera didn’t seem interested in focusing on them. You are probably wondering what a bananapup is. I based my bananapup off of a stuffed animals that I bought from Dole after I found his on a picture on my banana sticker. Here is a picture of my bananapup.


I just made several more clay creatures and I will post pictures of them when I am done. My boyfriend wants to be take pictures of my little clay critters and make it look like they are in jungle scenes. He is a MUCH better photographer then I am!

–On a totally unrelated note this afternoon I went to lunch at Wegmans with my family and as we were turning into the parking lot we saw fire trucks speeding into the parking lot. We noticed a big cloud of smoke coming from the parking lot. Apparently someones car caught on fire! It was kinda neat to see all the commotion going on.


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