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Craft time!

Well to keep myself from insanity I took a journey to the local Michaels to get some crafty things. I wondered around the store looking at many things that seemed entirely uninspiring or way overpriced. I bought a set of new acrylic paints and a set of watercolors that seemed to be a good price in hopes that I would be inspired to create a painting. I have several paintings around the house that I made. Maybe I’ll show you some day! I also bought shrinky dink paper, a package of white model magic clay, and two wood craft kits to make a triplane and a sailboat. The wood craft kits were only a dollar each! I already created the triplane:


I have been reading a lot of craft blogs and I was inspired to make MAGICAL RAINBOW MELTY CRAYONS! I used some of my scrap crayons to and melted them together in the toaster oven in foil lined ramekins to make these lovely giant crayons. The one at the top i made with whole-ish crayons so that I can easily make rainbows everywhere! Hooray!

rainbow crayons!


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