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I am so sorry…

…please don’t hurt me. I know that I was talking about a rant yesterday that I wanted to write about but I couldn’t find the right picture for it. So I had to delay that one for now and write about something else. I’m a big sports fan so I wrote about what I know. Don’t worry though because while the rant might be on the back burner for now, I’ll eventually finish it and it will hopefully be up to your standards.

So in lieu of that rant, I have thought up of a completely different one to bitch and complain about. This one actually is connected to the previous rant that I couldn’t do. So many rants, are you confused yet? Anyways, I needed an accompanying image for my first rant in order to give the reader(s?) a better idea of what I was talking about. Google image search or what we cool kids like to call it, GIS, is the end all and be all of finding any image that you could possibly want. If you wanted a picture of a monkey playing a guitar, just put it into GIS and abracadabra, within nanoseconds, you get what you wished for.

I needed a very specific picture and I truly thought that GIS wouldn’t let me down and that I would be able to find it easily. However, I was heartbroken when I discovered that it didn’t have anything close to what I wanted. GIS, my good friend, you have failed me and left me out in the cold. Don’t let me down again.


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