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Things that I bought today!

I did a little shopping today here in Delaware and I would like to share with you, the vast faithful audience, my purchases. My mom and I went to the local outlets and I bought a few items of clothing. I have modeled the clothing below. On the left is a yellow polo with some brown plaid shorts and on the right is a lovely poka-dotted top.

(I apologize I’m not a photographer or a model!)

I also got this lovely pink striped knee socks:

After the clothing purchases we stopped at the heavenly Candy Kitchen which is a chain of candy stores that can be found up and down the Delmarva coast. I purchases a selection of candies:

from left to right is crunchy bears, sour atomic balls (I don’t remember the exact name), a three foot gummy snake (I didn’t want to unwrap it yet), and sundae, watermelon, and orange cream flavored coconut strips! tasty!

Also I couldn’t resist this little guy who is a Frabbit! A frog dressed as a rabbit! He was on sale.

Well I hope you enjoyed my entry! I will have more exciting entries soon!


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