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A man of my word

As promised, I am here to deliver and spread the inner workings of my mind. I am forsaking much needed sleep in order to write this so if anyone is reading this, they should be grateful. I am saving up my now daily rant for tomorrow but I think I might have enough material for now to warrant a full post. So here is a mini rant that I have conjured up.

I have a headache. Why? I really have no idea, it started as soon as I woke up this morning and has persisted throughout the day. It comes and goes like the morning tide. (Great analogy, patting myself on the back right now) My head is pounding like a bunch of tribes people during a traditional ritual. (Okay I admit, I think this one was a bit of a stretch)

Anyways, on to my rant. Why do we get headaches? I would seriously consider physical pain over mental anguish. There are plenty of drugs out there for any cuts and bruises that you might have. But wait you say, there are also a plethora of drugs for headaches. Well, for me, aspirin usually doesn’t work and if it does, it still takes an uncomfortable amount of time until relief kicks in. I didn’t take any medicine today, mostly because I don’t have any at my commode. I keep forgetting to buy more when I’m at the supermarket. Ah, my forgetful memory. Now that’s another rant for another time.


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