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I have been asked by a certain someone to review Lindsey Lohan’s breasts. How can I turn down such a request? So without further ado, I present to you my take on her tatas. (Spell check tells me that tatas is not a real work but I beg to differ) I put Lindsey Lohan in the same boat as Julia Roberts. For some reason, most people have this crazy idea that Julia Roberts is attractive. I hope I’m not the only one who thinks this, but in my humble opinion I think that she is ugly as sin.

I feel the same way about Lindsey Lohan. People will argue that she used to look before before drugs and alcohol took over but I never thought she was good looking, even before she checked into a rehab clinic every other week. I’m not sure if you were aware but Lindsey recently did a nude photo shoot for the New York Magazine. I’m not gonna post any of them up but you can easily google for it. The setup was a recreation of the famous last photo shoot by Marilyn Monroe before her death. When was the last time you saw a celebrity willfully display her gazongas (another word that should be in the dictionary) for entire world to see. Too bad they looked fake and were sagging. I couldn’t think of the appropriate term to describe them so when I asked Amanda, she immediately responded with mudflaps. Then she explained how it would hold a pencil if you put it under there. I guess it makes sense in an out of the box kinda way. Anyways, I rate Lindsey’s boobs a 1 out of 5 drunken mugshots. Two thumbs pointing down, just like her milkbags.


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