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I think I made up a new word today. WILDWIRE Doesn’t it just jump out at you? It sounds like a new buzz word that every tech-savvy wannabe will use at board meetings to impress their co-workers. Trying to convince them that they know more than they actually do. How I came about this awesome phrase was an accident. I saved the future legendary conversation that sparked the idea that is.. wildwire.

[16:24] Luverdove: someday maybe we will have a comment
[16:24] gtbrigs: well hopefully someone will see it on our facebooks
[16:24] gtbrigs: and then it spreads like wildwire
[16:24] gtbrigs: and we become internet famous
[16:24] Luverdove: wildwire?
[16:24] gtbrigs: YES
[16:25] gtbrigs: i made a new internet phrase by accident
[16:25] gtbrigs: it will be awesome
[16:25] gtbrigs: WILDWIRE
[16:25] Luverdove: lol blog about it
[16:25] gtbrigs: I THINK I WILL

It’s like how the saying goes, spreads like wildfire, but instead of it happening in the real world, it all happens online. I like the pun and think it will make me famous. So famous that I can quit my job and lounge around somewhere exotic, maybe Canada. So go my virtual friends, spread the word, spread it like wildwire.


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