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To beat or not to beat…

…that is the question. I have a problem. It’s not a serious problem but it’s still a problem. I cannot beat video games. It’s not because the games are too hard, I have the skills to beat them but I stop playing for other reasons that I’ll delve right into.

I play games to have fun and most of the time when I start playing a game that’s what I do, have fun. But after a while, playing the same game day in and day out starts to wear on me. That’s why I usually play multiple games at the same time. Then sometimes I get distracted by an event happening in real life or I move onto a different, newer game. These are the reasons why I end up with a bunch of half-finished games. I seriously think I have an attention problem. I can’t seem to focus on one item at a time. I’m working on it though and so far, I have actually completed two games this month alone.


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