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My lack of video game skillz

It is frustrating to me how painfully bad I am at most video games but I love video games at the same time!  I apparently lack some sort of hand eye coordination where I often jump right in front of creeps instead of on top of them, fall to my death instead of landing on the fluffy little cloud, and fail to ever find the blue button on guitar hero.  I have been dabbling in video games my whole life but in almost every game I pick up I never make it to the end.  I own several systems and I enjoy the first couple levels and then I usually end up throwing the game down.

I don’t know if this lack of leet skillz is because I’m just a girl, a simple lack of hand eye coordination, or a lack of patience for the games.

Anyway I will continue to play video games in hopes that someday I will magically blessed with skillz.  I find video games a great way to pass the time!


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